Redil Cuarteto


Universal Sound with Colombian taste. This is the idea that reunites four musicians very involved with diverse musical experiences: Indian music, Jazz in some of it's originary manifestations, and mostly Cumbia and Marimba music from Colombia. In this proyect the knowledge about these diverse musical cultures interact as if they where one, forming a compact sound, full of allusions and re-interpretations of some of the traditional Colombian music.
Redil begins it's artistic Activity since 2010. In 2012 releases it's first álbum called La Rana. After a while the group recorded a single with the prestigious German producer Carlos Albrecht. For this recording it was invited one of the most talented saxophonists of Colombia Pacho Dávila. Latter one of the four songs recorded for the single was released on a compilation called Javeriana Composers, celebrating ten years of the foundation of the Jazz department in that recognized institution.
Redil was awarded for the best song written in honor to Lucho Bermudezin the Cartagena de Indias´ Jazz Festival "Voces del Jazz". In the same year Redil was invited to perform in the most prestigios Jazz fest in Colombia "Jazz al Parque". Then, in 2013 Redil was chosen among many recognized colombian Jazz projects, to represent "Jazz al Parque" at the International Folk Fest "FIFBA" at Buenos Aires Argentina. This representation was succesusfully done with two other important bands: "Ondatrópica" and "La 33" that were chosen to represent two other recognized Colombian Festivals: "Colombia al Parque" and "Salsa al Parque". Shortly, after these succesful tour Redil releases it's second album called El Canto del Búho, this album was released under the record label MSF (Matik-Sonalero-Festina) an alliance betwen very important agents in the Colombian music scene.
In late 2013 the group makes an Exhibition-Concert with the recognized Colombian painter Alex Sastoque at the National Capitol of Colombia as part of the national project for peace. In 2014 Redil was programed once again in Jazz al Parque an two other important international events in Bogota: Teatro Libre Jazz Festival and La Fête de la Musique. Redil's work has been very well received by the most important national press, some of them are Semana Magazine, El Tiempo newspaper, Señal Radio Colombia, Blu Radio and Código CDMX from México. Redil it's conformed by Colombian musicians of a broad national and international experience, they are Santiago Botero, Urián Sarmiento, Juan Ignacio Arbaiza and Adrian Sabogal.


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Label specializing in Colombia's new generation of pop-trad hybridizers. We are the label that represents La Mambanegra, Colectro, Tribu Baharú, Tubará, Masilva, Puerta de Oro Music, Nvoz Vocal, Redil Cuarteto and Rompefuego.

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