Nkumba System plays and creates with african and latin american musical systems, creating bridges between Cuban and Congolese Rumba, Highlife and Salsa, Cumbia and Afrobeat, and also under the infuence of Latin psicodelia and Descarga.
This combo is cooking a tasty combination with a very special sauce, perpetuating the constant musical bridge, back and forth between Africa and Latin America
Is born in Bogotá in 2016, as an initiative of Guillo Cros, french guitarist and composer living in Colombia since 2014. At the beginnings of 2018, the project takes shape on the current form of a quartet.

* Guillo Cros – Guitar / Backing Vocals
* Leonel Alexander Merchán - Percussion / Lead Vocals
* Jhon Socha – Bass / Backing Vocals
* Richard Arnedo – Drums
* Alberto Guarnizo - Sound Engineer

In collaboration with Bogotan label Tambora Records, the frst single «El disco está rayado» released in digital format in may 2018 (Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes...)
The second single «Lagartos y Micos» released in june 2018.The frst LP (CD, vinyl and digital) will be released in december 2018.

* Mail / nkumbasystem@gmail.com


Artists of our label

Label specializing in Colombia's new generation of pop-trad hybridizers. We are the label that represents Colectro, La sonora Mazurén Band, Nkumba System, Redil Cuarteto, Tubará, Nvoz Vocal and Rompefuego.


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